Audrey Hepburn Wants Your Brains In This Amazing Zombie Cosplay

We’ve had a gradual build up of zombie love over the last few years in the gaming industry. We’ve massacred millions of zombies in a mall with whatever we could get our hands on- blades stuck in boxing gloves, double-ended chainsaw paddle sticks and a kitted out wheelchair with a lawn mower in Dead Rising 2. We have survived in a team of four through subways and tops of buildings in Left 4 Dead, taking on zombies with smoking and eating issues by using various powerful weapons such as shotguns and grenades. We even experienced being an innocent, excitable cheerleader killing zombies with her trusty chainsaw, which can turn into a gun, hold a phone, and shoot her boyfriend’s head into faces of unexpecting student zombies. But one of the most exciting, unnerving zombie games we’ve played so far is Dead Island. After going on holiday on a secluded island, the tropical paradise is infected and you are one of the few survivors in this terrible event. Throughout your adventure within the game, you help others by doing missions and combining whatever you can scrounge to make outrageously awesome weapons. The game’s sequel, Dead Island Riptide, has just been released, and that means that we must, of course, showcase an amazing zombie cosplay.

So today we are mourning the death of Audrey Hepburn and celebrating her resurrection through freakmos zombie Audrey cosplay. Her beautiful face is heavily mutilated, exposing her teeth, and her exquisite nails are now mangled beyond repair. Breakfast at Tiffanys will never be the same again. No longer will she be ordering tea but a cup of warm blood, and soft brains instead of cakes.

zombie - cosplay - 2




Written by Guest Contributor: AlienQueen

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