An Incredible Akame ga Kill Ice Queen Esdeath Cosplay

Esdeath cosplay


Esdeath is the main villainess in epic anime and manga series, Akame ga Kill.  She is one of the most powerful military officials around, and similarly, has one of the most advanced imperial arms, giving her the ability to bend water and ice at her will.  Because of how battle-hardened and well-equipped she is, she is feared by most– all except for vigilante group, Night Raid, that is.


This incredible cosplay by Shirahime Cosplay is spot-on to Esdeath herself.  Her long, blue wig and form-fitting white and black outfit are identical to the source material. Not only does she look exactly like Esdeath, but her personality radiates the character with a fierce look in her eye along with a hint of seduction.


Be sure to visit Shirahime Cosplay’s Facebook page for even more epic cosplays.

Photography by Rockmanx Advance

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Written by ManaCookies

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